Oven Cleaning

oven-cleaningAre you struggling with your greasy, dirty oven? If it’s hard to get some of the stains out, we recommend you use our expert help. We are an oven cleaning specialist from Hampstead who provides 7-days-a-week services for busy or tired Londoners. We are very adept at oven cleaning: we know how it’s done in a professional manner and we are ready to prove you that we are worthwhile. If you have any doubts, you can get in touch with us to require more information. We are waiting for your call.

We can assure you we offer the best quality oven cleaning services you can find in Hampstead. And the best thing is we also have fair rates. They are mostly determined by the size of the job. If you want to know how much your oven cleaning service will cost, you have to speak to our representatives.

Oven Cleaning
Single Oven (60cm) £60
Double Oven £79
Hob from £23
Extractor from £20
Microwave £20
Combination Microwave Ovens £25
Shelves & Racks (each) £2
Trays (each) £2.5
BBQ racks (each) £3
Range from £90
Aga from £105

Oven Cleaning Hampstead

“We are delighted with the oven cleaning which your cleaners in Hampstead did for us. They restored the attractive and impeccable condition of our old oven which used to be very dirty and unmaintained. The cleaners polished its inside and outside surfaces and all parts.” – Yasmin

Advantages of using Cleaners Hampstead:

  • We supply the products and tools needed
  • We don’t leave a place until we have done the job
  • We are fully insured
  • Our service is personalised

We use a very effective system to rid ovens of dirt and grease. It covers both the external and internal parts of the oven, such as door, hot plates, handle, racks and others. We do a thorough cleaning both from inside and outside. Sometimes we take the oven apart because that makes cleaning much easier and efficient. We are just not able to reach some parts otherwise. But don’t worry about your oven. Check our prices.

We won’t damage or break anything. We promise to treat it the way we treat our own ovens at home. At the end of the service, you will be amazed by the results. We won’t forget to put everything back where it belongs. The best part is, your oven will be ready to use right after we leave. Easy, fast and efficient. You will be glad you hired us.

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Now, if you are interested to know how we can be reached, you should read this. We have a call centre. The staff there is very well-mannered and helpful. You can ask them your questions anytime of the day and week. They just operate non-stop. Not to mention, you can also e-mail our company and you’ll get the same answers, only in writing. We are convinced we can make your oven, no matter how dirty or how old, sparkling. Our business is run in Hampstead, just so you know. Get in touch with us.